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how to get more followers just from your twitter bio

To grow your Twitter following you need to make sure people find you interesting immediately.

The bio itself

160 characters to write about yourself doesn’t sound a lot, yet why when you have the cursor flashing nothing comes to mind? It’s probably more of a ‘what on earth do I say’ that makes you pause rather than not knowing anything about yourself so don’t fret.

Here’s an example of my own bio. It has my full name, what I do, what I like, something a little personal, my website and location in full. For me, it’s important to add ‘freelance’ as I want followers to know this as it defines who I am. People will then automatically know if I’m of interest to them and will instantly choose to follow me or not.
Tweet screen shot

What is it that defines you? What followers are you looking to gain?

For instance if you’re a mummy blogger, add that you’re a mum of 2, or if you’re looking for a job, add your job title and perhaps that you’re looking for the next opportunity. Whilst I engage with friends and family on Twitter I aim to grow my work and industry contacts mainly so personally I put what my job is and what I am passionate about so people with similar interests will consider following me.
Do you add something witty?
David Cameron probably wouldn’t add that he likes to eat sausages for dinner and Prince William probably wouldn’t say he liked going out raving, but for us ‘normal’ people it’s ok to add your personality in there… in fact, I’m all for it.

Tweet screen shot2

Elizabeth Watt (recently guest posted on my blog) was setting up her account a few days ago and she followed my ‘what I do, something work-y and something personal’ advice and she decided to go with ‘Photographer & videographer. Newport Film School Graduate. Don’t believe in matching socks’. Brilliant! Adding the background image as a photograph she had taken to showcase some of her recent work. She’s still new to the site but has since been followed by similar industry graduates among others.

Your website

Even if you don’t have a website, add your LinkedIn account, or somewhere online that you have a page. (If you’re the big cheese of a huuuge corporation, probably best not to put your personal Facebook account). This is a great opportunity to showcase your website as users will click through to your site to find out more about you or your business.

Where are you based? There are a number of cities that could be a few places in the world, so it’s handy to mention where you actually are. By adding ‘UK’ to the end of your city or area, it helps people instantly know this. Personally I follow more people from the UK than overseas so it’s of use to me to know where they are based.
The dont’s
It’s best not to mention ‘I follow back’ in your bio, or similar follow back hashtags, as it puts out the vibe that you’re not looking to engage or interact with followers and that it is simply a numbers game for you. If you want respectable followers, not spam (or unwanted strange folk), to follow you try to keep the wording clean and free from swearing. This is a general rule for your tweets too!
To sum up

Write what you want others to know about you, without giving too much away but still sounding of interest to someone. You won’t get everyone who see’s your page to follow you (not even Justin Bieber will) but you can make it so that the majority of people who come across your profile are intrigued, entertained and then enjoy following you. I guarantee if you do all of this it will make a difference.


Will you be changing your bio or have you already? Tweet me or comment below.

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