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making the most out of your commute


I decided to take two 6 month contracts during my time freelancing so found myself in a daily commute of 45-60 minutes each way (some days 2 hours each way). There was only so much singing to the radio I (and my ears) could take. I wished I could of had my diary open and plan my day. Then I thought, well if I’m wishing for things, I wish I could do my freelance work (as was planning for when this particular contract ended).

Sitting in the car for an hour is such a waste of time!

This got me thinking. What can I do in the car that’s productive? So┬áthat day when I got home I downloaded an audio book. The next day I put it on and listened. It was someone talking about their journey from beginning to their now success (that old chestnut yes) and I found it so motivating it gave me that lift I needed at the beginning of the day before I’d started work. I realised I was really onto something!

Use your commute to do something productive

Why not try using the time spent driving to learn a language, listen to a podcast or try like I did with an audio book. Even if it’s not work related, it’ll give your brain a much needed boost at the start of the day and likewise on the way home help you switch off ready for home.

If you’re able to get the train, this is a great way to get extra work done as you can make calls properly (yes you can use hands free in the car but you can’t concentrate and call your clients properly) and you can tap away on your laptop working.

Just use your commute to do something productive. We live such busy lives that to spend potentially 2-3 hours a day in the car doing nothing is just crazy!


What do you do whilst commuting to use the time productively? Share your stories below…


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